Announcing The Short Reads Series

84 North Publishing ( is pleased to present our ‘Short Reads’ series. We have found unknown authors and worked with them to produce novelettes, and episodic serials.

About The Short Reads Series

Our vanguard offerings are VILE CREATURE, CALL TO CAIRO, BANISHED TO IN THE ASYLUM by H.H. Marcus and DON’T STAY IN THE CABIN by Alex R. Frost.

VILE CREATURE begins the Franz Fichte Tales, a series about a jet-setting adventurer caught in a supernatural web of mystery and betrayal.

DON’T STAY IN THE CABIN is a horror story about a couple on a second honeymoon going on a rustic getaway in a sleepy small town. Everything is going fine, until they receive a foreboding warning that sends their vacation into turmoil.

The Short Reads series over time will feature a diverse set of fiction that is exciting to read, short in length and episodic or stand-alone in nature. The aim of the series is not only to entertain but also to provide opportunities for unknown writers that might not get their stories published otherwise.

Inspired by the pulp era and “anthology of the month” publications of old we hope this series will entertain, stimulate and entice readers while bringing more characters, settings and points of view into print. We hope to bring bite-size and classical yet modern stories to our readership in an effort to rekindle interest in fiction.

About 84 North Publishing

84 North Publishing is a small press independent publishing company. Our primary focus is on publishing a wide variety of voices and highlighting the growing list of titles in our Short Reads Series. Our Short Reads Series has grown organically from scratch based on fan response and reader feedback.

Now we invite you to experience what our series has to offer for yourself. Check out our website at where you can keep up with all of our latest titles and updates. We have provided convenient links to buy all of our books and ebooks directly and at your favorite book retailer.