‘Belligerent Man & Other Absurd Stories’ Released

Frank E. Slaughter‘s debut collection of irreverently absurd stories. Featuring Belligerent Man, a satirical morality story. Punctuated by other non-linear narratives, radio plays, poetry, essays, and tall tales that are packed full of dry humor.

A free-wheeling romp through a literary jungle, blending the sacred with the profane, balancing serendipity and fate to create an unforgettable experience. Enter this deliciously disjointed world of vignettes and wild tangents—of important appointed titles, gate keepers, horses that can see the future, and pecking orders within the kingdom of man.

This book is candy for the brain, a small snack for in between meals and you’re advised to be cautious because it just might spoil your appetite.


Please note it may take up to 2 weeks for the paperbacks to reach our distributors.