84 North Publishing
is an
book publisher.





Our Publishing Philosophy:

As publishers we want to create an experience for our readers. To entertain, inform and enlighten through the power of literature. To publish books that speak to us all in one way or another. Our hope is that through this medium we can find and publish authors whose work will delight and thrill our readers. Our mission is to produce and market the best of new writing in all genres.

With 84 North Publishing you get books that are fun, that break the mold, books you wouldn’t see elsewhere. Each title we publish is unique to us and we believe it brings something special to our readers who want entertainment and enjoyment.

84 North Publishing at it’s heart is a small press that believes in our authors. When you buy from us you are supporting not only a boutique book publisher but also outsider authors.

What’s in a name?

We’re named after the 84th parallel north, the circle of latitude in the arctic that receives 24 hours of sunlight during the summer solstice and an astronomical twilight during the winter solstice.

Unlike the place, we’re shining a light on great titles 365 days a year.

For readers, by readers

Our primary focus at 84 North Publishing is our vanguard series called ‘The Short Reads’ series.

The Short Reads series over time will feature a diverse set of fiction that is exciting to read, short in length and episodic or stand-alone in nature. The aim of the series is not only to entertain but also to provide opportunities for unknown writers that might not get their stories published otherwise.

Inspired by the pulp era and “anthology of the month” publications of old we hope this series will entertain, stimulate and entice readers while bringing more characters, settings and points of view into print. We hope to bring bite-size and classical yet modern stories to our readership in an effort to rekindle interest in fiction.