‘Belligerent Man & Other Absurd Stories’ Released

Frank E. Slaughter‘s debut collection of irreverently absurd stories. Featuring Belligerent Man, a satirical morality story. Punctuated by other non-linear narratives, radio plays, poetry, essays, and tall tales that are packed full of dry humor.

A free-wheeling romp through a literary jungle, blending the sacred with the profane, balancing serendipity and fate to create an unforgettable experience. Enter this deliciously disjointed world of vignettes and wild tangents—of important appointed titles, gate keepers, horses that can see the future, and pecking orders within the kingdom of man.

This book is candy for the brain, a small snack for in between meals and you’re advised to be cautious because it just might spoil your appetite.


Please note it may take up to 2 weeks for the paperbacks to reach our distributors.

‘Vile Creature’ Paperback Is Now Available

Paperback reprints of Vile Creature, the first book in H.H. Marcus‘ series: The Franz Fichte Tales, are now available. Previously this book series was only available directly from us, 84 North Publishing.

While we no longer have our store open, we have partnered with one of the biggest distribution companies out there right now. This partnership not only opens up this series to more readers but all future series and titles as well!

While we enjoyed operating our own store here on our own website, this new opportunity streamlines the purchase process for our readers. Now our paper books are in shops where you already buy our e-books.

In the future we may reopen our store but until then please enjoy the reprints and the convenience of these popular stores.


The series is now available in paperback through your favorite stores like Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other major book distributors.

Franz Fichte Tales Paperback Reprints Are Coming

We’re proud to announce that by the end of the month there will be reprints available of our flagship series, The Franz Fichte Tales!

Featuring a brand new cover for each title and a better print size. The updated covers are now available for ebook editions.

84 North Publishing and HH Marcus are proud to present the reprint editions of: Vile Creature, Call to Cairo, Banished in The Asylum, Train To Castle D’Elur, and Return to New London.

Return to New London will be available in print for the first time!

The reprint 2nd edition books will be available through major retailer networks and Amazon.



Return To New London Released

The fifth installment of the Franz Fichte Tales has released on all major ebook retailers including Amazon.

Please note: Collector’s edition print version not currently available due to paper shortages and increased costs.

Return to New London by H.H. Marcus


Franz Fichte renowned explorer, world traveler and adventurer returns in his fifth exciting tale. Franz returns home after his harrowing vacation and soon the call to return to New London becomes his destiny.

His nemesis and the cult that supports him are plotting against him and the entire world. As time runs out he finds himself in the midst of an occult conspiracy.