Paper Shortages

Due to the paper shortages we’re going to be focusing on releasing more eBooks and suspending our focus on print books. The hiatus will last until the prices normalize. Both material and shipping prices have increased steadily since 2020 and continue to rise.

Many of our suppliers are out of our specific paper stock and they have no ETA on when more will arrive. We expect to resume printing all by 2023 but will only be printing select titles in the mean time. The margins are already very low to keep our books affordable and it isn’t currently feasible to raise the cost on our ‘short reads’ series in print.

Thank you for your understanding and keeping checking for more updates as this could change in the near future.

New Covers For Franz Fichte Tales / Store Maintenance

The Franz Fichte Tales as they appear on Amazon Kindle

We are pleased to announce that the new cover illustrations for the Franz Fichte Tales by H.H. Marcus should be live on all eBook retailers.

The original limited edition pressing is now considered to be a collector’s item. The original covers which was always to bear the resemblance of the protagonist’s journal is now updated to new versions that instant appear more vibrant and eye-catching.

A new pressing of print books 1-4 will be done to prepare for the 5th installment of H. H. Marcus’ debut series.

Store Maintenance

Our direct purchase store is down for the time being. In the interim please purchase through our third party partners.

We have no ETA on when direct purchasing will resume and we want to thank everyone for their support and patience.

There are more great titles coming in the near future so stay tuned.

New Release: Train To Castle D’Elur

84 North Publishing is pleased to announce the fourth title in the Franz Fichte Tales, ‘Train To Castle D’Elur’ by H.H. Marcus. Franz returns in Book 4 for another exciting adventure!


Franz under advice of his colleagues decided to take a vacation from adventuring only to have his plans for recreation break down. He finds himself thrust into a quandary and is embroiled in a thrilling mystery full of betrayal, deceit and not everything is as it seems. Franz makes strange new allies at Castle D’Elur, a fortification with a history of legendary power and a curse.

This is another installment in 84 North Publishing’s Short Reads Series.