Vile Creature by H.H. Marcus

Franz Fichte is a world traveler and adventurer extraordinaire. His good friend and benefactor, Mr. Wieland sends him to the fictional city of New London.

Our tale takes place in 1959 and while Europe has been peaceful, things are not always what they seem. A dense fog always covers the city and there are people having strange and dangerous dreams.

Franz and his team are assembled to get answers by his contact in New London, a professor at the university. Generously provided with a study, and a bookworm assistant named Gaston.

Franz travels to a world between ours called the dreamscape where he encounters horrible and nightmarish visions. Can he get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?

A mysterious and thrilling read for all ages that explores the horror and darkness of dreams and pits a conflicted and flawed character against supernatural forces.